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Metal Tech News

Metal Tech News digs deeper into the minerals and metals that make modern life possible and provides a continuous glimpse into the cutting-edge technologies that are taking advantage of the special properties of these mined materials.

The exciting new end uses of minerals and metals, however, is only half of the saga.

First, these materials must be mined – whether from Earth, asteroids or other bodies circling our Sun.

To tell the whole story – from discovering new sources of the metals that make modern life possible to using them to build the smartphone that alerts you when the next edition of this groundbreaking publication has arrived in your inbox – Metal Tech News also covers the latest technologies being used to discover, mine, and refine the minerals and metals of innovation.

These facets of Metal Tech News allow readers to stay up to date on materials science discoveries into the avant-garde uses of metals in new technology; informs them on the latest mineral exploration and mining technologies; and challenges them to think about the role minerals play in a smarter, greener, and more sustainable future for Planet Earth.

Media Partner
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